True to our goal in helping industries especially the shipping industry, we commit ourselves to:

Providing consultancy

  • On ISM &NSM Code:
  • –  Orientation of ISM/NSM Code.
  • –  Consultancy Services on ISM/NSM Code

–  This is a professional and detailed guidance and advice/coaching to the company’s people on how start, document and establish policies and procedures in accordance with the standard. The company needs to provide a group or team to handle in establishing the requirements of the standards.


  • –  Gap Analysis
  • –  Work program for documenting and implementing the ISM/NSM Code.
  • –  Trained company people in managing the requirements of the standards.


–  Development and documentation of Safety Management System (SMS) Manuals and Cargo Securing Manuals (CSM).

–  This is a documentation of the requirements / elements of the ISM/ NSM into manuals, in behalf of the company, which are customized according to company’s current organization.


  • –  Policy Manual
  • –  Procedures Manual
  • –  Fleet Instructions Manual


On Outsourced Functions and Other Services:

  • –  Facilitation of statutory certificates and MARINA documents processing
  • –  Formulation & orientation of Code of Conduct
  • –  Conduction of Sea Trial
  • –  Signage printing (IMO signs and symbols)
  • –  Formulation and printing of Station Bills
  • –  Vessel Plans printing
  • –  Safety Video Development
  • –  Endorse Referrals  to  MARINA accredited medical clinic
  • –  Endorse Referrals to MARINA accredited training centers
  • –  Brokerage of vessels on sale


Conducting/facilitating seminars, trainings, symposiums, surveys & inspections

On Technical Trainings

  • Internal Auditor’s Training Course (ISPS/ ISM Code).
  • Fire Fighting Training Course (for onboard ship)
  • How to conduct Drills and Exercises onboard ships and company
  • Third Party Audit

On Management and Other Trainings:

  • –  5 S Housekeeping
  • –  Records Management
  • –  Customer Service
  •  Personality Development


Assisting in the deployment of interested/ qualified applicants, whenever possible.

–  Bringing in worthy and worry-free manpower services, from officers down to apprentice mates to customers (upon request).  A fit, qualified and certificated crew complete with necessary trainings, certifications, documents, etc. based on Administration, government and company requirements.